I make custom knives. I can make your perfect knife.

Although I have a small selection of standard patterns in my catalogue, the vast majority of what I make today are bespoke custom knives, working one-on-one with you to create the optimum knife for your needs and circumstances, be they field, kitchen or plate.

I cannot stress enough that the photographs you see here on my site are for gallery purposes only. Anything you desire is likely to be achievable, and whether you have a fully defined set of specifications in mind, or just some vague notions, scribbles or ideas, about what you might like to see, I urge you to contact me.

I know that together we can make your ideas a reality.

Not only are design options boundless, but today we have a vast array of readily available materials literally at our fingertips, just a click away... steel from around the world, and I am proud to say from my own fair City of course; handle materials that range from today’s man-made and supremely tough products to natural materials that grew 10,000 years ago; to wood and bone.

The options are almost endless and we have them all to select from.

Drop me a line, or by prior arrangement call and see me, there is coffee and a sandwich to be had – even with just the beginnings of an idea, if that’s all you have – and from here we can get started.